Nothing speaks louder then the experiences shared by those that have used and continue to use Maxelence MVP. Please take a moment to watch the video and read through a few of the many testimonials we have collected over the past 2 years.

An adventure filmmaker...

"I travel around the world shooting footage in the harshest of conditions from jungles, deserts, to Mt. Everest. Carrying a lot of equipment, I am often sore at the end of the day. Then someone told me about MAXelence, a great tasting nutritional supplement that supports muscle recovery and stamina without stimulants like caffeine or taurine. The last thing I need is a caffeine rush only to crash a short time later. Doing a little research, I found out that stimulants actually deplete energy at the cellular level, and that MAXelence is infused with D-Ribose, so all muscles including the heart can recover from stress and exertion faster. I simply add powder to my water bottle and head out. The greatest thing I have noticed is that after the gym or a hard day in the field, I am not nearly as sore. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product and, I will add, one that tastes great as well. You will be on all my trips from now on!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Allan Smith

​"My Dad is a builder and a football coach. He is very fit, but last fall he broke his foot and was in a lot of pain. He can’t stand to be down, and out so was trying to continue with some of his activities. His foot was swelling and causing him sleepless nights. I gave his girlfriend some MAXelence and told her to give it to my Dad. The next morning she called me completely amazed. She asked, “What was that stuff? Your Dad slept all night, his swelling is gone, and he is up and ready to go this morning. Where do we get some more?” I now supply my entire family with MAXelence®. It helps with so many things, and is safe for my kids to drink, unlike the terrible energy drinks on the market today. I would recommend MAXelence to anyone!"

- Heather W

​"I had a great college basketball career with a small NAIA school in North Dakota. I wish I would have had MAXelence when I was participating in high school and college basketball. I suffer from leg cramps, and this has affected me in my hunting activities in Idaho. Recently I was on a shed hunting trip with my father-in-law in the panhandle region of Idaho. I had plenty of water and had eaten well (two things that seems to help curb my leg cramps). When I had finished hiking into Big Canyon (a small misnomer) I had some of the most horrific leg cramps. My father-in-law had some MAXelence (which I had forgotten at home). I drank one sixteen-ounce bottle and my leg cramps immediately subsided and I could walk and sit. After one more bottle of MAXelence® I was feeling normal; no more leg cramps – I was 100 percent better. I have since put packets of MAXelence® into all backpacks and vehicles. Thanks MAXelence®, maybe I will finally have the gain WITHOUT the pain of leg cramps."

- Brad J

​"I’m a mother in my mid-fifties with fourteen-year-old twin boys and a daughter in college. I live an active life-style with daily workouts, and I have a strong intellectual life. I drink several glasses of MAXelence® a day, and now I don't experience the muscle pain I used to feel after my workouts. My kids consume MAXelence instead of soda or sugared juice drinks – they love it, and experiment with combining the flavors, making gelatin desserts and ice-pops with it, and using it to flavor baked goods. I also use MAXelence® in my cooking, and include it in all my smoothies."

- Jill M

​"This product is the answer as a perfect alternative to the life-threatening energy drinks that are out there. The steady energy it gives is REAL, along with rapid ‘recovery’ after exercise. I feel confident it gives our youth the perfect choice for the REAL ENERGY they are looking for. As a mother that is a REAL concern."

- Lisa H.

​"I am in my 70th year, having spent a lifetime exploring the planet, from the Arctic to the South Pole, from mountain peaks to the bowels of the Earth and her ocean depths. Age is a nasty bugger that had been cramping my style the last several years. Then I discovered MAXelence® – what a difference it has made. I consume MAXelence® three to four times a day. I’m back to running three miles a day after a strenuous workout, my joints are no longer sore, and my energy level and libido are like they were in my heyday. MAXelence®…that’s what I’m talking about!"

- Robert W. - International Adventurer

​"I am a former IFBB Pro athlete with a very sensitive body chemistry that depends on the proper balance of electrolytes. I follow an intense work schedule along with keeping up with my workouts. Since discovering MAXelence® I have seen my recovery time improve and seen a decrease in muscle soreness. I can get up the next day and not miss a workout. An added bonus is an increase in energy without any caffeine, so I don’t have to fight the jitters. What’s really surprising to me how something so healthy can taste so great!"

- Aida A

​"I should order another bulk bag since I am running out. It seems to be a great help when on tiring bike rides. I do 7 miles to the bridge at MDR, then drink, hit a challenging hill and then go on and feel great. I used to really feel drained from that hill. I am not training, so it is only a weekly ride for that and not just feeling better from increased training."

- Steve

​Facebook Post:  "Tried my first MAXelence® drink today and looooved it!!  Thanks guys!"

- Tracci Dial

“I cut and bale hay for a living. This season I bought my first .5lb MAXelence®. I can truly feel the difference. I feel 10 years younger.”

- R. Lundberg

​“I have been drinking MAXelence® every day all day long in my water bottle. I noticed last weekend when I was out getting wood. Splitting and loading firewod is not only tiring, but uses a lot of muscles that I don’t use every day. I am always tired and have sore muscles the next day or two. My friends were all complaining about sore muscles I didn’t have any sore muscles and I had energy all day long. It work’s, I use it and my whole family drinks MAXelence.”
- M Spears

"I am a 54-year-old cement worker. I have worked hard my whole life. Recently I went through a lot of family stress, business breakdown, and health issues. If I had not had my MAXelence®, I truly believe I would have had a nervous breakdown. I drink it every day, before and after my workouts, and during my extremely taxing jobs at work. If I don’t have it, I am dragging like an old dog. Even my co workers can tell when I am out of it. I have been on jobs away from home and had to have BLI drop ship my MAXelence®, when I ran out. I won’t be without it! This stuff is truly amazing!" 

- Tom T


​”Thank you BestLife for giving me samples of MAXelence®. I am an amateur mountain climber in my early 60’s. I took MAXelence® with me a couple weeks ago when I climbed Mt. Baker in Washington State. It gave me sustained energy and was truly refreshing and even though I was a little sore the next day it only lasted less than 24 hours. I have many friends and acquaintances that I would like to share samples with, if you could supply me with them. Thank you."
- L. Pleima

​"I'm in my sixties, and am headed out for an Expedition to Peru. I would not think of making this strenuous trip without my supply of MAXelence®. It keeps my energy up, and helps me cope with the high altitude. Thanks MAXelence®!"

- Steve B – International Adventurer​

​"I am a 39 year old group fitness instructor, event coordinator, and busy mom of three active girls. I tried a sample of MAXelence® before teaching my morning aerobics class not really expecting anything out of the ordinary. Wow! About halfway through my class I noticed a boost of “feel good” energy, not "jittery" energy I would get from other energy drinks.

I normally attend a cardio/strength training class afterward feeling a bit fatigued, but I force myself through it. After drinking MAXelence® that morning I had stamina to spare! However, what impressed me the most and made me add MAXelence® to my water bottle every day was the amazing muscle recovery I noticed. I am usually sore after a workout and especially when I try something new or add more weight on the fitness equipment I use at the gym. So, I did an experiment on myself, and on the second day of using MAXelence® I really pushed my muscles to fatigue, adding more weight and exertion! I fully expected to be sore the next day. Much to my surprise I was NOT sore, and I felt better than ever and ready for another active day! I have since recommended it to the women in my classes and several of them have told me they feel the muscle recovery as well, and one woman said it even repaired her muscle strain within a half hour of her injury! Fitness trainers and instructors I work with have all had nothing but good things to say about this product, and they love how great it tastes and so convenient it is to use.

I also feel good about giving MAXelence® to my kids, even my 8 year old, as it contains no caffeine, no sugar, and no taurine. The formulators of MAXelence® are truly ahead of their time on this energy beverage. I am a label reader, and I rarely find sugar-free or low carb beverages, even healthy ones without aspartame or sucralose in them. I avoid aspartame (Nutrasweet) at all costs, and am so impressed that MAXelence® is using pure Stevia as their sweetener, which is the best choice possible! I love that it is full of fiber and is part of my low-carb lifestyle. I have since done research on Ribose and am amazed at this remarkable ingredient and all it does for the body! I would recommend MAXelence® for your entire family!"

- ER

​Pendleton, Oregon

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