Several key ingredients in Maxelence MVP work synergistically to provide faster joint and muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity. The multiple health promoting benefits of these ingredients are clinically tested, well documented and meet with no objections from the U.S FDA. The formulation of this product is the result of four years of conscientious research and development. There was no compromise of quality to achieve a price point. Maxelence MVP is like no other energy or endurance product. The combination of BioEnergy Ribose, Bitter Orange Extract, Chelated Minerals, Critical Vitamins, pH balanced Prebiotic Fiber and active Probiotics exist in no other single product. The proven benefits are as  follows:


Faster ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production for accelerated muscle and joint recovery after hard work, play or competition. Higher bio-availability of all critical vitamins and trace mineral/electrolyte absorption rate for unsurpassed hydration. Prebiotic soluble fiber to support active lactobacillus cultures for good digestion, gut health and improved immune system response.


Here are physical facts behind fatigue, energy and recovery. The body naturally produces a five carbon simple sugar called Ribose that is required to produce the chemical compound (ATP) that all muscles including the heart use up. For optimum energy and endurance, depleted ATP must be replaced quickly.


As the body ages, less Ribose is produced and so ATP supply at the cellular level is reduced, meaning it takes longer to recover from exertion. Having adequate Ribose available 30 minutes before hard labor or exertion also prevents potassium from precipitating from the joints and being replaced with calcium and lactic acid, therefore causing discomfort and swelling. 


BioEnergy Ribose is the finest and only recognized source of clinically proven D-Ribose and studies show Bitter Orange Extract works in tandem with D-Ribose and enhances cellular ATP production. To hydrate and recover, the body also requires B Vitamins and Trace Minerals. Patented Chelated Minerals contained in Maxelence MVP are wrapped with an amino acid so absorption is 90 to 100%. 


All stimulated energy products containing caffeine, caffeine by other names or Taurine (a caffeine accelerator), actually deplete energy stores at the cellular level and borrow energy from the future, only Maxelence MVP builds the reservoir of energy and endurance naturally while improving heart and joint function. Glowing reports from people of all ages who work or play hard and World Class athletes testify to the many benefits of making Maxelence MVP part of your lifestyle or training program.  

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Maxelence MVP is a shelf stable dry powder that is available in single serving packets or in more economical .5 and 1.5 pound Mylar resealable bags. Serving size recommendation is 10 grams of powder in 12 to 16 ounces of water before, during and after workouts or sporting events. Maxelence MVP is safe for anyone 9 to 90, it is made for anyone who works or plays hard. Professional athletes as well, will find no better product for effective and healthy supplementation for endurance and natural performance.


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