What is Ribose?

Ribose is a five-carbon-monosaccharide that is produced by the body. It is critical at the cellular level for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the compound that muscles including the heart need for all physical activity. Strenuous exertion or stress uses ATP faster and therefore recovery is based on Ribose being available to replace ATP. It is also the building block for DNA and RNA in our bodies.


The process of cellular energy production and recovery takes longer as we grow older, because the body produces less Ribose as we age, so it takes longer to recover and muscles tend to remain sore for a longer period of time. Ribose helps remove lactic acid from sore, stressed muscles. It might be a stretch to call D-Ribose the secret to youth, but the fact is it is a clinically proven muscle recovery supplement and is even being injected into heart attack victims by ER Doctors.


D-Ribose shows on the Facts Panel as sugar, but it has a negative glycemic index and does not raise blood sugar levels.

What does it mean when minerals are chelated?​

The minerals we use are proven to be in the most bio-available form. A chelated mineral means it is wrapped with an amino acid, which in effect presents a protein to the body with a mineral attached. A body may only be using 5% of the total amount ingested of mineral like calcium or all important Magnesium, while the Patented Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate will have a 98% absorption rate.

Do you use all natural vitamins?

Yes, and our vitamins are extremely high quality and high potency.

What is Stevia?​

Stevia is a health promoting non-caloric high intensity sweetener made from the leaf of an herb.

Do you use All Natural Flavors?​

Yes, MAXelence MVP contains only All Natural Flavoring with a natural herbal sweetener. Natural flavors are far more costly to use in our formula, but like other ingredients in MAXelence MVP, no compromises are made.

Is Maize Fiber Non-GMO?​

Absolutely – in fact this is a wonderful ingredient that comes from France, so it meets stricter European Standards for Non-GMO. There are so many benefits from this ingredient it could be a stand-alone supplement. Maize Fiber functions as a soluble fiber and a heart-healthy fructooligosaccharide prebiotic which promotes all kinds of intestinal benefits, including propagation and support of friendly probiotic bacteria.

Why add probiotic cultures?​

Good bacteria is lacking in most diets. Probiotics are the P in MVP and are such important players in promoting good health, everyone will benefit from drinking MAXelence MVP for that reason alone. The Probiotics in MAXelence MVP are lactic acid forming cultures and produce related metabolic activity that help assimilation of nutrients, improve immune response, support anti-inflammatory action, help produce B vitamins, improve bioavailability of isoflavones, produce antibiotic-like bacteriocins that suppress the growth of putrefactive microorganisms.

Probiotic cultures are not usually room temperature stable and need to be freeze-dried or have special care to remain viable. They are, therefore, dead on arrival if not adequately protected. The Bacillus Coagulans in MAXelence® MVP are stable and remain active. Being in sporulated form from green malt, they proliferate in the gastrointestinal environment unlike vegetative cells that are destroyed by these conditions. These cultures are very important and must be replaced after treatment with antibiotics. Probiotics are clinically proven as useful with irritable bowel syndrome, allergic conditions, skin health, dental health, supporting healthy blood pressure levels, liver functions, management of vaginal infections, and overall body wellness and disease resistance in people of all ages.

What is Bitter Orange Extract?​

It is a compound extracted from Bitter Orange and works synergistically with Ribose to help make ATP and also to convert fat stores in the body to energy. It is also called Citrus Arantium and is frequently and incorrectly considered to be a stimulant. Bitter Orange contains P-Synephrine which is not the same thing as N-Synepherine found in Ephedrine. One of those things like water being H2O and Hydrogen Peroxide being H2O2 pretty similar looking, one molecule different. One you drink, one you don't. There was a petition circulated in New York and signed by thousands to ban dihydrogen monoxide because it was responsible for thousands of deaths. The fact is, of course, that that is plain old water, which you can drown in. Bitter Orange Extract is one of those wonderful health promoting ingredients that is sometimes on a list of prohibited substances because of misinformation. It does not contain the form of Synepherine you want to avoid.  We use it because it makes our product better without stimulants.

What is Prebiotic Fiber?​

The Maize Fiber we use helps you feel full and gives you a feeling of satiety when working out or working hard, so it is easier to stay in shape. At the same time it is a form of fiber that helps balance the pH in your digestive system to favor the growth of healthful bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. This let's you absorb nutrients and promotes digestive health.

Why do you use Citric Acid?​

It helps improve the flavor and provides a pleasant fruit/citrus taste and can make it easier for the body to absorb some minerals.

Is there any danger in drinking Maxelence MVP?​

No! MAXelence MVP is based on healthful nutrition. There is no taurine, caffeine, sucralose or aspartame found in MAXelence® MVP as is found in many other diet and energy drinks. The reason most other energy drinks on the market have been banned in some European countries is that people were drinking too much and having fatal reactions to the buzz creating stimulants. There is payback with any stimulant because it depletes energy at the cellular level without replacing it the way the body was made to produce energy. MAXelence® MVP will increase energy without any side effects and is safe for kids. It will not create hyperactivity or dehydrate and is a great electrolyte replacer. Another great aspect of MAXelence is that we use only natural food colorings.

Sammi says NO to GMO.

All our products meet European Standards which are far stricter than testing for IP (identity preserved) US Certification. We have been trying to educate consumers about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods both to health and ecology for 15 years. The Maize fiber we use comes from France and is not Genetically Modified.

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