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Paul "Tiger" & Glenda Baugh - Founders

Paul "Tiger" Baugh, Derrike Cope & Dave Krieg

MAXelence MVP is a first-of-it’s-kind product from BestLife International, Inc. BLI's President, Paul "Tiger" Baugh identified that a safe and healthy alternative to the energy drinks sold today was needed. It's genesis comes from the company's philosophy of "identify the problem and/or need and offer an alternative that is healthier, safer, and tastes great."


BestLife was started in 1996 by a concerned father (Tiger) wanting a healthy milk alternative for his little girl because she was allergic to cow’s milk. Finding a solution was the basis for Sammi’s Best milk alternative products, meal replacements, coffee creamers and more. After seeing its products sold in all 50 states - the company turned to the challenging world of energy drinks.

Working together with one of the best food technologists/chemists in the country, the mission was to develop an energy based/vitamin rich/mineral rich drink mix that was good for you.  It was not to contain Caffeine, Taurine, or other stimulants, and no Sucralose or Sugar. It must work at the cellular level.  It was a tall order!

After years of R&D and testing -  Ribose infused MAXelence® was born! - the first of its kind, Ribose infused endurance/recovery beverage sweetened with natural stevia and fortified with chelated minerals that tasted good!

MAXelence® MVP is the company's newest product introduction to the marketplace. After years of testing, countless satisfied customers from all ages and walks of life - the company is now positioned to introduce this revolutionary product to the world.

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